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Fly Ash Silo

Bidrsgon offer fly ash silo, cement silo, coal silo, slag silo,grain silo, etc. This steel silo include all steel structure silo and concrete platform silo.

Introduction :

Fly ash is an bulk powder type. To storage large quantity & bulk fly ash, customer always prefer to using spiral steel silo, as which silo adopts LIPP technical from Germany and has many outstanding features as following:

The main outstanding features:

1.Low cost: short installing time and less laborsave large cost.
2. Long lifespan: galvanized sheet with the feature of corrosion resistant, it ensures the silo long lifespan under the bad weather.
3. Small area occupancy: as the silo cylindrical, we can design the diameter and height according to local site size.
4. Good air-tightness and easy to install.

Technical Parameter :

Capacity: from 50 ton to 10,000 ton per silo capacity
Diameter: 3.5m to 38m
Height: 5m to 22m
Thickness: 2.0mm to
Steel sheet: galvanized steel sheet

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