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How to Set the Ice Cream Sticks Production line

Feb 25, 2022

Ice Cream Sticks Making Line is consist of Ice Cream Stick Rotary Cutting Machine, Ice Cream Stick Punching Cutting Machine, Ice Cream Stick Drying & polishing machine, Ice Cream Stick Selecting machine (Basic Wheel Type Selecting Machine and Vision Type Selecting Machine) Ice Cream Stick Chamfering Machine and Ice Cream Stick bundling machine.


Generally, for the developing countries, like India, Nigeria, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan, etc, the following three machines are enough, Wood Rotary Cutting Machine, Tri-carved Cutting Machine, Stoving and Polishing Machine.


If they want to sell the finished ice cream sticks, tongue depressor, coffee stirrers to other coutries, like USA, Japan, Saudi Arabic, they need to purchase the following machine, ice cream sticks chamfering machine, ice cream sticks selecting machine, ice cream sticks bundling machine, etc. 



Ice Cream Stick Making Line Working Video: