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Spice Crusher

Introduction :

The machine adopts high-speed ritary blades. Material is crushed through impact, cut and grind by fixed cutter. During crushing process, strong air flow is formed to bring heat and particles out through mesh and filter. Paiticle size is controlled by the mesh and filter.
This hammer crusher is mainly used in the industries of pharmaceutics, chemical, food to crush dry chili, ginger, pepper, etc. spice material.

Main features:

1. Be equipped with high-speed rotary blades.
2. Be stability and reliability when operating.
3. Be easy to clean,easy to install or dismantle and good perfornance of granule size.

Technical Parameter :


Motor: 11kw; Voltage: 380v/50Hz
Output: 200-1000kg per hour
Machine Weight: 200kg
Crusher size: 1000*700*900mm

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