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Feed Production Line

Supplying chicken feed, fish feed, poultry feed production line with different capacity, such as 20ton/h, 30ton/h, 50ton/h, 100ton/h, etc. Offer customized proposal for client.


    Feed production line description:

    1.The raw material-corn after being weighted (Weighting system) will be stored in steel silo;

    2.The Silo system consists of ten 200T silos,storage enough corn for pelleting;

    3.From Silo system to the workshop,raw material need to be cleaned,de-iron & stone also removed dust in Receiving System;

    4.Then corn go into the Crushing System to crush;

    5.After being crushed,corn will me mixed with other adding materials during the Mixing System,such as oil or other food additives;

    6.Then the mixture will be sent to Pelleting System;

    7.After Pelleting,pellet must be cooled down;

    8.Then chicken pellet will be packed in packing system.

    Main parts of pellet feed mill production line:

    1. Storage system--steel silo;

    2. Raw material receiving and cleaning system;

    3. Crushing system;

    4. Batching and mixing system;

    5. Pelleting and cooling system;

    6. Bulking and packing system;

    7. Compressed air--Ventilation and dusting system;

    8. Other equipment and foundation design;


    Chicken Feed Line

    Chicken Feed Line


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