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BZ94 Series Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine



Nail making machines are manufactured using the quality grade materials which are highly reliable, high-speed, low maintenance, easy to operate. The wire nail making machine can be designed and manufactured in different customized specifications as per your demands. We offer our machines at the cost effective prices, and deliver to the clients within the given time period.


The series products have following advantages:

Low noise: We reduce noise and improve working stability by using foreign advanced arc gear and brand-new high-accuracy cam.
Low failure: The closed structure further enhances the resistance performance against external dust, while the automatic lubricating system reduces the abrasion during high-speed operation. Thus, low failure is realized.
High Efficiency: Thanks to the rapid development of electronic technology in recent years, motors could realize smooth and save electricity resource synchronously. We use frequency converter to make speed-adjustment control over motor, so as to meet some special technical requirements and reduce electricity consumption. In addition, plunger and rectangular structure are used for central sliding piece to ensure less high-speed impact and save raw material to the largest extent. In this way, higher efficiency is achieved.
The machine boasts advanced design, compact structure, beautiful shape, convenient use and safe operation, with good stability and vibration absorption, being able to manufacture high-speed nail welding machine, and other special nails.


Technical Parameter

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