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Automatic Onion Peeling Processing Line


Fully automatic onion processing production line, including onion peeling machine and onion root cutting machine. Can accomplish the whole process of onion root cutting as well as peeling process.The all-in-one machine is more suitable for processing any states onion one time no matter they are oval or flat,small or big, skin thick or thin, loose or tight, dry or wet. With high efficiency. low cost and easy operation,this onion processing line is widely used in vegetables processing.


  1. Onion Peeling Machine

    To all kinds of onions of certain size range(40-80mm, or 60-120mm etc), no need to grade onions, no requirement to onion's original place, applicable to both dried and fresh onions. 

    Adopt air peeling,no damage to onions.



  2. Onion Top Taill Cutting Machine

    The capacity of this onion peeling machine is around One ton per hour, this type machine can identify the onion size automatically and adjust the onion’s head and end cutting position, low processing cost and high processing efficiency.



Technical Parameter

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