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Garlic Peeling Machine for Restaurant


This bidragon farm processing machine garlic skin peeler hotsale machine uses compressed air as the motive power source, Produced a strong wind at the roundabout near the natural peeling garlic. This machine comprises two parts, the dry feeding trough has the hot blast to circulate the function, and even in the humid climate would also have to be dry garlic state. Peeling of the air compressor used as the driving force and energy saving. Apply to the market, food plants, garlic, and other industries use occasions.

Technical Parameter

Main Technical Parameters:

Capacity: 70-100kg/h

Dimension: 630 x 630 x 1470 mm

Motor Power: 2.2KW

Air Compressor Power:7.5kw:1 unit

Weight: 90 kg

Air Pressure: 8-9kg/cm2

Air Flow: 1.05m3/min

Power Source: 220 ACV (According customer’s Supply source


Garlic Peeling Machine for Restaurant

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