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Onion Concave Cutting Peeling Machine



"Concave type of onion peeling root cutting machine" is the Hong Kong International Vegetable machinery research developed successfully, can not only remove the onion root as concave type, it can also peeling the onion after cut head flatly and concave remove root, root cutting and onion peeling clean, no damage. They have authorized our production factory to produce this machine.


Onion Concave Cutting Peeling Machine


1. the machine uses no knife to peel, no damage.

2. root cutting and skin peeling automatically and one time complete, peeling clean

3. the machine is equipped with automatic identification of onion size adjustment function, whether big or small onion, can be cut with a minimum amount of resection of the flat and concave cut.

4. the machine is equipped with a flat and concave cutting adjustment mechanism, can adjust the amount of resection.

5. the output is high: the machine can produce onion around 1.5-3 tons per hour.


Technical Parameter

Technique Parameters:

Model: BCP-2
Dimension: 3000*800*1400mm
Voltage: 220V/380V,single phase
Cutting Knife 4 pieces
Capacity 106 pieces/minute
Material 304 stainless steel
Air compressor Air capacity 3M3/min, air pressure 0.8-1.0Mpa

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